November 13, 2019

August 24, 2018

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Just in time for your Road Trip!

July 16, 2019

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1 Year

April 16, 2018

It has officially been 1 year since our professional production officially began. We received our first packed bags on April 15, 2017. Prior to that, it was a long hard road to get going, that lasted for several years.


I produced my first batch of jerky in 2009 for my wife as a treat. It was so good that I ended up making it again and bringing it into work. My co-workers got to try some of the jerky and it went viral in my office. I then took the next 2 years or so experimenting with different cuts of meat, recipes, drying times, and preserving the end products as a hobby. I brought it into my next work place and they went crazy for it, so I started using my co-workers as test dummies and, through their suggestions, I developed several well received flavors. My test dummies started to ask me if I had any thoughts on creating a company out of the jerky and really pushed me to start working on the next chapter. After another year of searching for catchy names for the company I had Genius Jerky fall into my lap and I knew immediately that it was the one. 


Funding was the next hurdle, we tried to get funding through traditional routes of business loans with no prevail, started a kickstarter campaign and was shy of our goal, and went to friends and family with no luck. At that point it had been another 2 years and I was nearly ready to give up as we had been beaten to a pulp on the last remaining hurdle. But I didn't give up, I kept pushing, I kept seeking funding, and then it fell into my lap. Not to say that we didn't work for it, but it just happened to be available to us one day without even having to ask. I just had to pay it back. We took it.


Here we are, we are in several local stores and expanding, an e-commerce store, an amazon marketplace, and still working hard as ever. Keep pushing no matter what is in your way, if you work hard enough you will eventually succeed. What may seem like defeat, take as encouragement. What may seem heartbreak, use it as fuel What may seem like a miracle, typically is.




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